It's not cheap to have a baby at a hospital these days. However, here in New Hampshire we're pretty lucky. According to WalletHub, the Granite State is the third best place in the entire United States to have a baby.

With that in mind, people in New Jersey may want to consider moving here. Or talk to Burger King about putting in a delivery lane!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A couple called 911 around 7:30 P.M. last Friday when they couldn't make it to the hospital to have their baby. So they pulled over in a Burger King parking lot. Two cops and some firefighters ended up delivering the baby right there in the parking lot. They had a boy, and everyone's doing fine. Now here's the crazy part. The next day, the exact same thing happened again.

Another couple called 911 Saturday night when they couldn't make it to the hospital, and pulled over in the same Burger King parking lot. Then the same two cops showed up and delivered that baby too. The second couple also had a boy. A police spokesman says the two cops were very happy they were there to help both couples.

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