I love this!! A guy in Burlington, Vermont was standing out on a street corner Monday morning with a cardboard sign.  So naturally, people thought he was panhandling until they READ the sign.

It said, "I have a good job, a great family, and good health. YOU have a great day."  Then instead of asking for money, he GAVE money to anyone who stopped. A 2 dollar bill actually! I haven't seen a 2 dollar bill since I lost my first tooth, so that's pretty cool he had a stash of them.

He said he gave out 2 dollar bills because people will remember where they spent it and maybe they will use it for good. And he chose to do this good deed on Monday because it was 9/11 and he knew people were also stressed about having relatives affected by the hurricane. So he just wanted to spread a little love.

He didn't want any recognition for it so we don't know his name or how many 2 dollar bills he gave out that day but we do know that he is a pretty cool cat. Full story here.

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