Get your wands ready.  Don your robes.  Get out your Hogwarts alumni gear and head over to Patriot Place.

The Alice in the Village tea house has been transformed into a Harry Potter pop-up shop where you can experience Wizards High Tea.

Boston CBS local is reporting on the magical transformation where you can dine on golden snitch cake pops, a sorcerer’s scone, and butterbeer.

Admission for Wizards High Tea is $49 per person ages 12 and up and $30 per child ages 4-11. Reservations can be made at the website. T

here will be sorting ceremonies, Potion Making 101, Fortune Telling and a Daily Prophet newspaper to review.

Boston CBS local spoke with Christy Bird who stopped in with her three children: “The kids were really excited to see what house they were sorted into.  They bring you a potion and a wand and they teach you a spell and the water in the potion changes to the house it equals.”

If you are a Harry Potter fan, this is your chance to experience a great day of fun at a Wizards High Tea.  Save me a sorcerer’s scone and a Chocolate Frog, please!



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