The dictionary defines sin as an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. Of course I think we all have our own definition of what sin really is.

Growing up in West Virginia, my grandmother considered smoking, drinking, and gambling The Big Three of sin. When I went to church on Sunday, it seemed like everything fun was a sin. And when I finally grew up and moved out on my own...I tried them all out to see what I thought!

The website WalletHub recently took a look at which states are the most sinful. According to their story, they looked at a variety of 43 "key indicators" across all 50 states. They considered things like violent crime, excessive drinking, and gambling.

After crunching all the numbers, WalletHub found Nevada to be the most sinful state. Now come on. Is anyone surprised by that? After all, Las Vegas is affectionately called "Sin City". Nevada ranks Top 10 in five of the categories used to determine the most sinful state.

Florida was number two. And California ranked as the third most sinful place. Here's the thing I noticed...all of the sinful places are states I'd love to live in! What does that say about me? My grandma would say I need to take my butt back to church. But I'm thinking about booking a flight somewhere warm...if ya know what I mean!

So how sinful are the New England states? Not very according to the study.

Massachusetts is the most sinful of the lot. The Bay State is number 33 on the list. Followed by New Hampshire at 42. Maine is pure an innocent at 49. And Vermont is downright saintly at 50.


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