If this doesn't absolutely tug at your heartstrings, we don't know what will.

Seeing posts about animals up for adoption brings up feelings of both joy and sadness. Of course it's nice to see adorable pictures of dogs, cats, and other critters, but it's sad to know that they have yet to find forever homes, especially over the holiday season.

Now, here's your chance to open your heart to a sweet kitty looking for a peaceful and quiet home for Christmas.

Meet Tiny.

New Hampshire SPCA via Facebook
New Hampshire SPCA via Facebook

She is 20 years young, and sadly found herself at the New Hampshire SPCA after having a home of her own for a long time. Every kitty deserves a warm, cozy place to snuggle up with their human(s) by the Christmas tree. Instead, Tiny is at the shelter, which is heartbreaking.

Here's some more information about this lovable little lady.

Tiny's affectionately described in the above Facebook post as a social butterfly who gives and craves affection, and "makes every new person feel like she has known them her entire life." The NHSPCA website also says that she's a lap cat who will follow you around, and "can hardly produce a meow." How precious is that?

There's no doubt that Tiny would be the perfect addition for the right household, whose member(s) can shower this senior girl with the love and affection she deserves.

To learn more about Tiny, click here, or stop by to visit her at the NH SPCA, open 11am-4pm Thursdays through Tuesdays. The shelter is closed on Wednesdays.

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