The snow was really coming down last night especially around the time this incident occured.

As you can see above, the Plaistow New Hampshire Police Department took to Facebook to remind drivers to be cautious and aware especially in inclement weather. A driver witnessed a car lose it's wheel and then continue driving. The driver called the Police to report what they saw. Since the incident happened in Atkinson but the car was headed towards Plaistow, both police departments were notified.

It was a Plaistow police officer who stopped the vehicle just over the Plaistow line. The driver claimed to be unaware that the tire had fallen off. Perhaps I am speaking out of line, but I feel like you would realize if your tire had flown off in the middle of a snowstorm. In any case, the car was towed and thankfully no one was injured.

Let this be a lesson that if something like this happens to you it's always best to pull over and call for help.

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