According to, The Bacon Barn in Londonderry serves up some of the crispiest, drippiest, most delicious bacon that will ever grace your lips. And who doesn't love bacon?! Well, vegetarians don't, Kira. I know that. But besides them!


For a brief period in college I tried eliminating meat from my diet. Then about three months in realized that a life without bacon was not a life I wanted to live. If you feel as passionately about bacon as I do, then what are we waiting for? ROAD TRIP TO THE BACON BARN!

If bacon isn't your love language, there are still plenty of other delicious items on the menu that deserve your attention. Such as S'mores French Toast:

or Eggs Irish, Smiley Side up!

Excuse me...are those cinnamon bun pancakes?!?

Have you ever been to The Bacon Barn in Londonderry? I think it's safe to say I need to go. Who knows! Maybe it will be one of the stops in our Five Cities in Five Days tour this May!

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