How many times have you heard someone say they're starting a new diet...tomorrow? I never thought I'd be the guy saying that. Well here goes...I'm starting a new diet tomorrow. It's really the first diet I've ever officially started. Sure, I've lost a few pounds by watching what I eat and exercising more. But this is an official diet.

Why should you care if I'm on a diet? To tell you the truth...I don't care if you do care. I'm telling you about my diet because I feel like it makes me more accountable. If you don't know this ...I'm pretty competitive...even if it's with myself. Actually I'm probably most competitive with myself than anyone else. I've always loved pushing a little harder to see how far I could go. By telling you about this diet...and being open, honest and transparent, I hope to push myself to lose 15 pounds.

So here's why I'm doing it now...first of all, my pants are fitting just a little too snug around the waist. I don't like the way I look lately because I've gained about 10 pounds over the winter. And, Townsquare Media...the company that owns WOKQ and The Peak...challenged everyone in the company to be healthier. It's perfect timing. I wanted to lose weight...and they provided the motivation.

This is how it works. According to the e-mail...the challenge begins tomorrow with an initial weigh-in. Throughout the challenge, everyone participating will get a survey every Friday beginning April 20. We'll each receive weekly wellness tips, healthy recipes, and encouragement via e-mail. After weighing ourselves, we'll respond to the survey and report any changes in our weight. Then after eight weeks the person who has lost the most wins a prize. I have no idea what the prize is...and I don't care. If I can lose 15 pounds between now and June 11, then I'm already a winner.

I'll be writing about this every Friday until the challenge is over. I'll tell you what I weigh tomorrow when the contest begins...and how much I lose or gain each week. Along the way, If I discover a new recipe that sounds amazing...I'll share it with you. And if I struggle...I'll tell you that too.

For those of you who have done this before, I hope I can count on your advice and support. Or if you're struggling with your own weight, maybe I can be a source of inspiration for you. Either way, I hope you'll check in each week to see how it's going.

Everything officially starts tomorrow. So I'll weigh-in before the show starts tomorrow morning, tell you my weight, and then let you know how the first day went.

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