OMG! I think I need to take a drive up to Pittsburg, New Hampshire aka God's Country. I've seen so many breathtaking photos of wildlife from this part of the state. I hear the Canada Jays will eat food right out of your hand!

Lisa Bechok captured this gorgeous scene that took place outside her window in Pittsburg. It looks like something out of a fairy tale! She was kind enough to share it with us on the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page.

Isn't that just beautiful? I like how the mama keeps watch while her babies are licking away!

Like many folks in the comments, I was wondering what these creatures were licking! Lisa confirmed it is a salt lick mineral block. They appear to be enjoying it immensely, don't they? According to, all hooved mammals love salt! I don't have hooves but add me to that list. Apparently they sell licks with added flavors, minerals and nutrients for hunting purposes.

Our radio station is nestled in the woods in Dover, New Hampshire. Sometimes we have the pleasure of looking out our window and catching a glimpse of a deer in the distance. It's always exciting, every single time! Maybe we should buy a salt lick block so we can get a closer look at them.

I know hunting is big around these parts and I'm not knocking that. But personally, I much prefer to watch these graceful animals.

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