According to SeacoastOnline, the love story starring Michael Venn and Lisa Wallace takes place at the Market Square Starbucks location in Portsmouth, NH.

Lisa came through the door rocking oversized Jackie O style sunglasses and had vibrant blue hair - She's a hairdresser at Portsmouth’s Red Head Salon so she was SLAYING the blue hair game, the news site reported, and her unique look caught Michael's attention. He told her he liked her sunglasses and that was that.

He kept going to that Starbucks location hoping to 'accidentally' run into her, according to Seacoastonline. They would always pass each other on the streets of Portsmouth, too. Finally, he mustered up the courage to ask her out on a date so they grabbed a coffee at, you guessed it, STARBUCKS.

The news site reported that over 100 coffee dates later, Michael popped the question and Lisa said "YES!" They made the announcement on Facebook and the manager of the Market Square Starbucks saw it.

Seacoastonline said that the next time Lisa and Michael were in the store the manager said, "Hey you guys met here, you should get married here!" The couple agreed to do just that.

They will have a short 5-minute ceremony where the bride plans to rock 22-inch hair extensions to create “Starbucks-style hair” and will carry a bouquet of broccoli, according to the article.

After the Starbucks ceremony, the couple will walk to Shalimar India for a private reception, the news site stated.

I love a good love story especially one that is fueled by coffee. Congrats to the happy couple. So glad you found each other :)

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