New flash: IT'S COLD! Not just a little in I guess I'd better wear a hat today. We're in one of the longest cold snaps in history. And it isn't just New Hampshire. There are reports claiming parts of Niagara Falls are frozen due to the cold temperatures.

Temperatures around the Granite State have been well below zero. But no place has been colder in New Hampshire than Mt. Washington. The Concord Monitor claims the temperature hit minus 34 degrees. Winds were around 90 mph. That puts the wind chill at minus 83 degrees, according to the Monitor.

For those of you wondering...yes, that's a record low. The Monitor says the old low was minus 31, set back in 1933.

So what does minus 34 feel like? Jezebel says, "It's so cold at this temperature that you can feel your eyelid skin start to freeze when you go outside and if you go without a scarf over your nose and mouth, your boogers will freeze. And it's so cold you should wear regular gloves UNDER oversized mittens.

I don't know about you...but I'm not the least bit interested in feeling that kind of cold. As a matter of fact, I've vowed to not even open my freezer until temperatures outside break 32. So bundle up, stay warm, and think warm thoughts until then.

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