Residents of New Hampshire's capital are going to be ecstatic over new relaxed rules.

Autumn is full of Instagram-worthy shots. Many of our backyards become the backdrop of what could've been a Norman Rockwell painting. A few weeks later, that same yard needs to be cleaned up, and it's not always fun & games.

According to the Concord Insider, bagged collection is returning this fall. Leaf bags, previously acceptable only in spring, can be used as the city will begin accepting bagged leaves starting Nov. 19.

In addition, there's also a bulk collection option from Oct. 29 through Dec. 7, which isn't a new option, but one where you bring leaves to the curb and leave them there unbundled for the city to pick up. According the Concord Insider, bagged collection will be handled by Casella Waste Systems. Residents will only get one shot at bulk collection. However, you’ll have a full three weeks to bring your bagged leaves out to the curb with your trash. Make sure to have the bags out there by 7 a.m. each Monday morning.


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