New screening processes have begun this weekend at airports across the country including at Boston Logan International Airport.

According to reporting from, the World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency resulting from the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The virus, which has originated in China and infected over 11,000 people, the news station reported. The cases of the Coronavirus are climbing here in the US, but with only 8 cases confirmed there is no need to panic.

Just this week, a UMASS Student who recently traveled back from the Wuhan, China, area was discovered to have the illness and is being treated and quarantined at his home, stated. He will remain in isolation until cleared by public health officials. is reporting that the airlines will operate flights between now and Feb. 5 for those customers that wish to leave China but otherwise, United, Delta, and American Airlines have suspended all flights to China.

“People should take the same precautions they do to prevent the spread of the cold and flu.” a tweet from Gov. Charlie Baker stated.



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