There's been a lot of talk over what Gronk will do next. Will he be back to the Patriots? Turn to acting? Try the WWE? Well, how about winning the Kentucky Derby?


Yes, a Gronkowski might win horse racing's crown jewel. A race horse named Gronkowski.

According to ESPN, "The horse won the Kentucky Derby conditions stakes on Wednesday night at Kempton Park in southwest London, giving Gronkowski 20 qualification points for the first race of the Triple Crown at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, in May."

Neither Rob, or any of the Gronkowski family have an ownership stake in Gronkowski. The horse is owned by Phoenix Thoroughbreds. Kerri Radcliffe, part of the group, told the Racing Post, as reported by ESPN, "I love the New England Patriots, and as Rob Gronkowski is 6-5 and about the same wide, I thought it would be an appropriate name for the horse, as he's built much the same."

Then again, it's not like Rob doesn't have experience as a thoroughbred.




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