I have to give credit where credit is due. And yesterday, I found out that credit is due to D Street (Daniel Street Tavern) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for hosting a great event with the most clever event name.

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D Street is one of my favorite bars in Portsmouth. Back in my heyday, D Street was in my big three. My weekends in my early 20's looked something like this:

Bar One - Espressos martinis. Get the juices flowing. Get the energy high.

Bar Two - Social beers and games. Solidify the buzz from the espresso martinis from spot one.

Bar Three - D STREET. I would always find my way into this dive bar at the end of my night. They have karaoke and normal-priced beers, and the atmosphere is easy-going and fun!

By the way, my "heyday" also means now in my life. I did this lineup just a few weeks ago.

ANYWAY! D Street is one of my favorite bars, which is why I am furious that I missed their wildly funny event. And the event name...drum roll, please...

"Save the kitties while taking care of yours." Yes, that is really it.

No need to explain the humor. You get it. And if you don't, phone a friend.

But the event was not just a catchy headline. It was a genuine event from one of the town's best bars.

The event was a sex toy bingo event, with all of the proceeds going directly to Seacoast Area Feline Education and Rescue. They also collected cat food and litter to donate at the event.

Unfortunately, the event was earlier this month. However, I think our community needed to know that D Street did this.

A hilarious event with an outstanding reason. Great job, D Street!

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