It’s official. The Dairy Queen is slated to reopen in late March. Fingers crossed it goes off without a hitch. The great news is they are hiring! According to an article on, the DQ will host a hiring event at open houses in the Tri-City Plaza eatery from noon to 6 pm on Friday and Saturday. During those times, DQ management will be interviewing potential new hires.

The new sign is up on the Dairy Queen and it says “DQ Grill & Chill” so a much-needed new hangout is about to open and I’m excited. The new company managing the DQ put out a statement saying, “The forthcoming DQ Grill & Chill location features a modern, open air-grill, separate ‘Grill’ and ‘Chill’ sections, comfortable booths, large wooden tables, warm lighting, and upbeat music.”

Gyaan Foods bought the franchise location last fall after the former management company suffered significant management issues that resulted in the closing of the Dairy Queen in May of 2019. reports the store hopes to hire more than 45 employees at the Somersworth location. Job opportunities range from servers to cake decorators. Cake decorators are in high demand as the store previously sold between 50 and 300 cakes a day. This all adds up to win/win for Somersworth with a new place to chill and the additional jobs in the market.


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