Don’t worry folks, the Dairy Queen in Somersworth and Concord should be re-opened in time for “free cone day,” which occurs in March.

Both stores shut their locations for a number of reasons, but it basically came down to bad management by the former owners Shona Foods Inc., according to

The news article is reporting that Gyaan Foods has purchased both the Somersworth and Concord locations, and Brenda Stewart, who will be the new general manager of both locations, spoke out to quash false rumors about the two Dairy Queen locations closures. quotes Stewart “We’ve got a bad rep to fix.”

The rumors that the stores closed due to employees passing drugs through the window to food violations are all wrong, according to What brought down the two locations was mismanagement pure and simple.

Stewart hopes to change that, and the company has “now hiring” signs posted for many positions from server to maintenance, the news article reports.

Here’s hoping that the new owners will bring about a positive change in the community and provide some jobs. I miss the Dairy Queen and will be happy to see them both come back stronger than ever.

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