A 63-year old man and his dog died after the truck he was driving broke through the ice.

Another sign that despite cold temps throughout the winter, many lakes in Northern New England are still considered unsafe. According to WGME CBS 13, the Maine Warden Service said Brian Wardwell and his dog died Wednesday night on Alamoosook Lake. The truck he was driving broke through the ice. The Wardens Service went on to say someone on the shore heard yelling and attempted to rescue the man, but was unable to as he went through the ice himself. However, the bystander was but was able to get out of the water.

Once first responders arrived, several firefighters put on dry suits and found Wardwell floating and unresponsive in 10 feet of water. They brought him to shore and attempted to revive him but were unsuccessful.

Maine Game Warden Sergeant Alan Gillis told WGME CBS 13 “Ice conditions are poor in some parts of the state, particularly along the coast.” In New Hampshire, where the Great Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby is scheduled for this weekend, Meredith Fire Chief Ken Jones said he's worried about the conditions."I'd certainly warn any individual that is going to make entry out to the ice, no matter which pond or lake it is, that they certainly test it as they move forward.”

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