Well, that’s one down. A 6-foot-long shark was found washed up on a beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, about a half-mile north of Marconi Beach, according to WHDH.

It’s terrifying looking, but it is not a Great White.

It is a porbeagle shark, according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

The shark is a bit of a mystery. No cause of death is known but surely scientists will be investigation this rare find. This particular species of shark, the porbeagle, is known to inhabit the North Atlantic and waters in the Southern Hampshire.

It’s a little disturbing to learn how many species of shark live in the waters off Cape Cod.

The Great White gets all the headlines but this must have been a shocking discovery for Cape Cod National Seashore park rangers to happen upon.

The mackerel shark still is not one I would want to run into in the water and at 6 feet long it looks very intimating. I can’t imagine if this shark had washed up near Marconi Beach at the height of summer.

Hopefully, this discovery will shed some light on the habits and activities of sharks in our area. Better understanding will lead us to someday swim with peace of mind even though it’s still their ocean. Always use caution and as my son reminds me, that’s the ocean, that’s where monsters are.

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