Today, temps are the warmest they've been since last September. That's right, three quarters of a year ago. However, this doesn't exactly give you a license to swim.

While air temps continue to fluctuate, typical for Spring in New Hampshire, the ocean temp doesn't. Basically, the ocean temp is about as cold as it was the last time we had snow. Which, depending on which part of the state you're in, wasn't really that long ago. The National Weather Service issued a Coastal Hazard Message on Tuesday. "The cold water temperatures can quickly cause hypothermia to anyone immersed in the water. Dress for water temperatures and know how to perform rescues."

Okay, but lake water and rivers are safe, right? No. They're just as bad. Plus, have the added element of snow runoff, and the fact many of them were covered in ICE a few weeks ago.

Point being, enjoy the warm weather, but save cooling off in the ocean for July.

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