The internet is abuzz with a photo posted by Tom Brady’s wife of her, Tom and their son eating cake saying they just could not stop was it true. Let’s examine the photo evidence closely, as did many Brady fans according to Gisele Bundchen is clearly enjoying the cake as is their son, eating large chunks of what appears to be chocolate cake with their hands but let’s focus on Tom Brady for a moment. It appears that he has a clean fork in his mouth. No evidence of chocolate crumbs.

The photo really looks like Brady has a clean fork in his mouth. Chocolate cake is clearly a no-no on Brady’s famously strict diet. Is this just more fuel to the speculation that he is leaving not just the Patriots but Football in general? Or just another cleverly staged PR stunt.

According to Bundchen posted the photo to her Instagram page with the caption “Breakfast of Champions! Seriously Mayassa, we can’t stop eating your cake. Help!!” One fan wrote “you cannot fool us we see the clean fork.” I say it’ not real. Tom Brady doesn’t’ eat cake. I need more proof before I believe it's real. If it is real, Brady is going out with a bang!


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