Hot dogs, let's talk about it.

I am from Pennsylvania originally, and we are crazy about hot dogs. We always enjoyed Richards Hot Dogs, and when we moved, we had to find another favorite.

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish what sets a restaurant apart from another one. But the first trick is to ask yourself what you are looking for much like you would when seeking a mate. Let's coin this as "Restaurant Tinder."

What I am looking for is affordability, unique deliciousness, and to always be ready and willing for a second date.

You don't have to spend tons of money to enjoy a million dollar meal.

For those who haven't experienced the magic of Flo's Hot Dogs should know that this spot is a culinary delight in Maine and even better, they made a list online being named one of the most inexpensive restaurants in Maine.

Now, that's what I like to hear.

The roadside sign gives you the ultimate sense of nostalgic vibes once you turn in.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to Maine Eater, they steam natural casing dogs and add their signature "house special" which comes with mayo and Flo's special relish.

This is an irresistible flavor that is added to these hot dogs and even better, it's family-owned and has been running since 1959. The dogs are about $4 each and that special relish will live in your memory forever.
So, if you are looking for a spot to sink your teeth into a mouth-watering American tradition, head on over to Flo's Hot Dogs at 1359 US-1 in Cape Neddick, Maine and tell them Lizzy sent you.

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