Do You Have a Pool That No One Uses?

You might be able to make money on it by putting it up for rent on a website called  It's kind of like AirBnb, only just for pools.

So far, there's only 1 in the entire State of New Hampshire

There is a total of ONE pool on Swimply and it's the one pictured here and it's in Londonderry.  Not too far away from the Seacoast, but there are PLENTY here that I'm sure are not being used.

If You are Considering Renting Your Pool, There Are Things To Consider

The website suggests that you talk to your neighbors about what you are considering before you actually do it.  If your pool is a hit, it will, most likely, affect your neighbors with traffic, noise, etc.  You may want to set up rules with your neighbors, for instance, times that might work for everyone.  If you don't know how to get in touch with the neighbors, you should exchange information in case they see something you should be aware of or if they are bothered by something.  There's nothing worse than dueling neighbors, so you want to keep that relationship a good one.

Most Pool Hosts Are Home

If you are considering becoming a host, the website suggests that you stay at home while your pool is being rented, especially if there is a large crowd of people coming.  Many people would not feel comfortable with a bunch of strangers on their property, so 80% of the pool owners stick around while people frolic about in their pool.

This is a Great Idea

I am certain that there are un-used beautiful pools on the Seacoast.  People buy houses sometimes specifically for the pool.  Maybe they had a pool for the kids and now they are all grown up and the pool is just sitting there, not being used.  Or, what if someone lives alone and they don't have any company.  This might be perfect for them too!

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