My fiance Steven has a pinched nerve in his back and the doctor prescribed him some medication for the pain. It makes him kind of loopy and very very honest.

I noticed he was being more open than usual and chatting about his feelings and emotions quite freely. So I decided to conduct an experiment/take advantage of the situation.

I asked him what I do that drives him nutso and this is the response I got. I decided to put it in list form, as it was kind of lengthy.

  • You small talk with strangers in public all the time. Things that should be quick errands are full day excursions because you ask the cashier at Shaw's to share her life story.
  • Your bronzer face make up gets everywhere in the bathroom and so does your hair.
  • You say goodbye to people on the phone at least three times before actually hanging up.
  • When we are out to dinner and you ask if you can try my (insert food here) You take really big bites.
  • You gasp while I'm driving over things that aren't gasp worthy.

Well, as they say: honesty is the best policy! Thankfully none of these issues are deal breakers. And after he was done telling me all the things I do that grind his gears he gave me some real beautiful pain med induced compliments

Don't worry I won't post those here, I don't want to make you gag!

Hopefully Steven feels better and will be up and about again soon. The holidays are coming up and we need to take more obnoxious photos like this one: