The widest release of the fast food giant's favorite is out today. Contrary to a locator map, it has already been spotted in the Granite State.

It's an October day which fans look forward to annually. Today is all about the McRib. The McDonald's sandwich that has gained a cult-like status since its debut 30 years ago, is being sold at the through Nov. 14. According to Wide Open Eats, it'll be in 10,000 locations this year, which is it's biggest roll-out yet. For those who have never dove into one, it is made with ground pork shaped into a rib-like patty, barbecue sauce, onions, and pickles.

However, as of Monday morning, there was a BIG problem. According to the McRib finder, you weren't going to find one in the Granite State. In fact, all of New England was being shutout. We would have to travel to Pennsylvania? NOOOOOOOO

McRib: Credit: Andy Austin
McRib: Credit: Andy Austin

According to the Exeter Patch, it has already been spotted today. Also, with a 10,000 location roll-out, it's bound to spread across the state.


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