Healing Through Art


Dover artist Caroline Parent puts so much thought into her work.  She likes to draw from the nature that surrounds her.  In a news release reported on unionleader.com, she says, “Art feeds the soul – it provides something to reflect on, to give you a moment of peace and joy, and both are important to healing.”  Her passion for her work shines through each piece she creates.  Literally, because she works with glass.


The Creation Process


Caroline Parent, who is the owner of Eye Feast Art, has been creating art for more than 20 years for local businesses according to unionleader.com.  I can’t draw a stick figure and I am always amazed by the creative process of talented artists.  She starts with sketches and then cuts sheets of colored glass then fires them up in a kiln and lets them cool. There, the many layers of glass fuse into something magical.


Her Recent Commission


Her work is not created in a vacuum. She takes into consideration where the piece of art will be displayed.  Her recent work is hanging in Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.  An oncology, heart health center certainly needs a piece of art that speaks of hope and healing.  She also created along with fellow artist Kathleen Kimball a stunning piece of art called “Changing Seasons” on display at St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua of the four seasons and conveys feelings of calm and healing.  It’s a breathtaking piece, this is lit from behind and just oozes calm.  Hopefully, you don’t need to go to the hospital but if you do look for her work.  It’s calm and soothing. What a talented artist right from Dover!



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