So well deserved!  For the fourth year in a row, Harvey's Bakery in downtown Dover was just awarded the Best Bakery from NH Magazine's Best of NH.  From their Facebook page:

Harvey's is Famous for their Maple Squares

The maple squares at Harvey's will just melt in your mouth.  As good as they are, they make a version that I think is even better, the Maple ROUNDS.  The round version is CREAM FILLED!  OH!

Every Baked Good Imaginable

If it's made with sugar, shortening, and love, chances are, Harvey's has it.  Everything from donuts, danishes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cupcakes, you get the idea - they have everything.

It's More Than a Bakery

Harvey's is an old-fashioned place where you can get delicious breakfast and lunch too.  They have menu items from your childhood that aren't available at more modern places.  Probably because Harvey's has been in business for 84 years!

Their Pork Pies Are Award-Winning Too

Not only have they won for overall Best Bakery, but they have also been awarded for best Pork pies too!  They truly are like Mom used to make.

Harvey's Provided Comfort During the Pandemic

Thank goodness they have weathered the recent storm.  During the pandemic, Harvey's was one place where you could go for take-out and feel a sense of normalcy.  Everyone was turned upside down, but if you wanted to go to Harvey's just to get a taste of some comfort food, they provided that.

Congratulations to all of the hard-working people at Harvey's!  I'll see you soon when I get another craving for Coconut Cream Pie.

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