(Groveland, Mass.) - The Groveland,  Massachusetts Fire Department has issued an alert after a Drone Battery caused a fire when it was being charged. A pool table was damaged, but there were no injuries.

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The battery overheated and set the table on fire. The homes smoke detectors alerted residents of the fire.

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Officials urge resident to follow these safety tips from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services:

• Don’t place charging devices or devices in use on soft and/or combustible surfaces. The heat produced by the charging or use of the battery can get trapped around the battery and if left untouched, can damage the battery or device, or cause a fire.

• Always use approved chargers or charging systems intended for use with the device or battery pack. Non-approved chargers or systems may not work properly and can damage the battery or device, or cause a fire.

• Follow manufacturer’s instructions for charging. Don’t overcharge devices or leave them unattended for long periods of time. Overcharging can lead to a fire.

• Don’t charge or use batteries in extreme temperatures. Cold temperatures can cause a battery to not hold a charge while high temperatures (or prolonged exposure to sunlight) can cause a malfunction and lead to a fire.

• Replace and properly discard damaged batteries. Using damaged batteries may lead to thermal runaway which can cause a fire.