One of the biggest things I have missed during this lockdown is live music.  Remember concerts?  And think of the struggle musicians are having.  What if you are an aspiring musician?  How can you get inspired to perform to an audience of one?  I know there has been a lot of talk in the news about the achievement gap kids may experience by not attending in class, in-person school with reading and writing but I think the arts are just as important.  Think of all the band concerts and performances at school that gave kids something to work towards.

Well, the good news is, some live music is coming back to Dover.  According to, The Ear Craft Music Store will be hosting a Sidewalk Summer Music Series beginning this Friday, August 21.  They will have live music at 432 Central Avenue in front of their store in downtown Dover. The response ‘has been overwhelming,’ according to the store and reporting from

The Summer Concert Series kicks off with “The Perfect Gentlemen” who are an adult contemporary acoustic pop band.  Just remember to wear your mask and keep social distance from others while you enjoy this Sidewalk Summer Music series.  The musicians must be so happy to have an audience, even if they have to keep far apart from the audience.  This is a chance to enjoy some live music so let’s be supportive of Ear Craft Music and their efforts to help the community.  We all heal through music and I am excited to have it back in any form we can get it.



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