Hot enough for ya? If I hear another person say that today I think I'll lose my mind. We get's HOT! Really hot. WMUR Weather Updates predicts we'll see temperatures in the mid 90's all across New Hampshire.

So how can we beat the heat and cool off? Well there's always the pool. Maybe a day at Canobie Lake Park or Funtown Splashtown USA. Heck, you can sit naked in front of the AC, with your feet in a bucket of ice if that's your thing.

Or eat any of the food on this list. According to the Daily Mail and nutritionist Daniel O'Shaughnessy...all of these foods are proven to cool you off on a really hot day.

Spinach: this green leafy veggie keeps your blood pressure under control which in turn helps keep you cool.

Soup: Hot soup? When it's 90 degrees outside? Yes. Soup will make you sweat. As the sweat evaporates it cools your body. Crazy. But they swear it's true.

Chili: This sounds even crazier than soup. But chili supposedly tricks your brain into thinking you're overheating, That causes you to sweat. Which causes you to cool off.

Watermelon: After soup and chili, this one makes perfect sense. According to the article in the Daily News, watermelon contains something called citrulline. I guess that's what cools you off after eating watermelon.

Turmeric: is an anti-inflammatory, and it promotes good circulation. If the blood is flowing good that helps keep your body cool. (See spinach)

Less meat: As much as I love steak and burger on the grill in the summertime, meat is hard on the digestive system. The article claims digestion creates heat. So why overload it and make the system work harder digesting that ribeye?

Onions: According to the article, onions are used in Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional form of Indian medicine, to treat heatstroke.

Mint: Who hasn't eaten a York Peppermint Patty and felt that cool sensation in their mouth? Mint provides a cooling sensation.

Coconut milk: contains nutrients that support hydration.

© via The daily Mail
© via The Daily Mail

Whatever you do to stay cool in this weather...remember to drink plenty of water. If you have elderly family members or neighbors please check on them regularly. And as easy as it would be to complain...just remember all that snow you were complaining about six months ago.

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