There's a new pizza place coming to Manchester, so get your hungry stomachs ready.

Elm House of Pizza is moving into the old Theo’s at 102 Elm Street, according to the restaurant's Facebook page, and they hope to open mid January 2021.

While a complete menu has yet be revealed, the Facebook post did tease that you'll be able to enjoy "Greek style pizza, traditional entrees and old neighborhood favorites," when they do open.

And for those hoping they deliver, Elm House of Pizza said in a comment on one of their Facebook posts that they are still working on the delivery radius as well, so not yet at least.

The Union Leader reported that the name should be familiar to locals as there was an Elm House of Pizza decades ago. They also highlighted that you can find the original address listing of the pizza spot on MapQuest, and it looks like a simple Google search also brings the spot up on Yellow Pages.

The name is certain to bring on the nostalgia and memories for those that remember the original place.

Interestingly, it seems that Elm House of Pizza will be including some Theo's classics, according to the Union Leader. And that apparently means the return of chicken lemon rice soup.

So if you missed getting food from that place, you'll be in luck, as some of it will be available when Elm opens.

Ultimately, can you really go wrong with pizza when trying to decide what to eat? Soon enough you'll be able to bite into a delicious slice.

And who knows. Elm could wind up on your list of favorite New Hampshire pizza places to visit.

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