Erin French is the owner and chef of "The Lost Kitchen" in Freedom, Maine and she's all about quality over quantity. She's made a cameo on Top Chef and has created what refers to as a culinary empire. She is wildly successful and totally capable of expanding her restaurant but she doesn't feel the need. She wants to keep her 15 person staff happy and not overload them. She says it is important for her to thrive both at home and at the restaurant.

Erin's farm-to-table restaurant is reservation only and the reservation process is quite unique! Reservations will be accepted between April 1st and 15th on a 3-by-5 inch notecard in an envelope addressed to The Lost Kitchen. One side must include the guest's contact information and the other side is completely up to you! You can get creative with drawings, poetry, stories, or whatever you want! If you're lucky, you will receive a call and be able to make a reservation. If not, there's always next year!

You best believe I am throwing my hat into the ring for this one. They received 20,000 cards last year so this place must be pretty amazing if that many people want to try it! Erin and crew, I am preparing a poem that will knock your socks off. Also, I think I am going to send a postcard I got on my honeymoon in Thailand so I seem more exotic. I'll keep you posted!

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