Anything giant as a sculpture or figure intrigues me. It just does.

It's something out of the norm and gives me something to obsess over as I plan a trip to go see it on the weekends.

On today's episode of giant things you may not have known existed and want to make a trip to see is Clyde. He's a giant rocking horse who stands under a pavilion located in Winchendon, Massachusetts.

Clyde actually has a lot of history behind his hooves. According to Athol Daily News, the town of Winchendon was trying to celebrate its 150th anniversary with a parade, and thus this giant rocking horse was created to partake in the festivities.

The townies loved it so much, Clyde stuck around.

A Clyde II eventually replaced the first Clyde, and the most recent version is Clyde III, which the newspaper said was built in Maine in 1988.

The Historical Marker Database said that Clyde measures four times the normal-size rocking horse it was modeled after.

Just look at that majestic horse. Now that is a big big rocking horse.

This giant rocking horse really solidified the name of the place as "Toy Town," especially because the town made a lot of toys. How cool is that?

So, if you happen to be in the area, or are looking for a giant "thing" in New England, check out Winchendon and its giant rocking horse. You can't miss it.

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