Have you ever been out shoveling the driveway after a wicked blizzard and you are starting to lose feeling in your feet and your back could give out at any moment? You might think to yourself, "I just wish I could outsource this job but not have to pay anyone for it!" Well, there are options my friends. There are options.

One option is snow clearing robots. Think a Roomba but bigger and not afraid of frigid temps. It's 2019, I don't think we are that far off! But something tells me when snow clearing robots hit the market, they won't be cheap.

Another option, seen in the video below, is training your four-four legged friend to clear the snow for you! You already compensate them with a nice house to live in, food, and infinite snuggles. It's time for your dog to start earning his/her keep. Let's face it, lying around the house all day waiting for your next belly rub is delightful but it can't be all that fulfilling, can it? I think this is the perfect way for our canines to feel like they are contributing to our households!

If you could train your dog to do any household job, what would it be?

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