Exeter Inn is a popular wedding venue, but sadly, according to seacoastonline.com, the Exeter Inn will be closed effective August 14 until 2021 due to coronavirus restrictions.

The Inn made the announcement on its Facebook page.

They have closed effective immediately, their in-house restaurant, Epoch.

The Exeter Inn said in their statement on Facebook, “We are unable to continue to financially support the standard of care for all of our ‘stakeholders’ during these difficult and uncertain times.  While this decision was not made easily, we are gratified to share that by closing down our own operations, we are able to support the re-opening of another.”


Adriane Wallace and Scott Campbell were scheduled to hold their wedding at the Exeter Inn, with the ceremony to take place under the gazebo on September 19, according to the article, and the two were regular diners at the inn, often eating there once a week and got to know the staff very well.

Adriane tells seacoastonline.com that “It breaks our hearts because we were looking forward to spending our special day there that I’ve waited 50 years for, and now everything has gone haywire at the last minute.”  Wallace and Campbell mailed out invitations to their wedding on July 25 and then just days later, they received an email that the Exeter Inn would be closing until 2021.  I understand their frustration.

Wedding invitations are not cheap, and now everything has to be reworked.  The couple now faces the mounting cost of making other arrangements.

Fortunately, the Exeter Inn returned the couple's deposit, according to the article. It should be noted that the Exeter Inn will be providing housing for Philips Exeter Academy students to de-densify the dorm rooms, the article stated.

Although it’s great that they stepped up to help the school during the pandemic, it leaves a lot of unhappy couples in a lurch.

I hope Adriane Wallace and Scott Campbell have a wonderful wedding wherever they end up having it.  Love is all you need.




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