A wild afternoon of weather left thousands without power and roads closed yesterday afternoon.

How do you make the temperature suddenly drop eight to ten degrees? Send a thunderstorm through. That's exactly what happened yesterday in the Granite State, as downed power lines shut down multiple roads.

As storm #1 ripped across the seacoast early afternoon, hail was spotted in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The eventful afternoon had radar alerts blowing up phones all over the southeastern part of the state. It's one thing to see yellow on your screen, but you know it's getting real when dark red appears. 

In Fremont, New Hampshire, a tree exploded when it was struck by lightning, according to WMUR News 9. In addition, a scary situation unfolded for one AA driver. Police said she was trapped in her vehicle after the storm went through. Lt. Peter Morelli told WMUR. "She started to back up, and a tree came down behind her, taking down all the power lines, and the power lines that came down ended up on and against her vehicle."

Skies eventually cleared, and utility crews continue to restore power to the areas hardest hit.


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