The FDA issued a warning that there is a recall on dog foods with elevated levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for dogs but in excess it could result in serious health problems such as vomiting, increased urination, loss of appetite and in serious cases kidney failure or death.

According to WBZ, Some tests found dog food samples with about 70 times the intended amount of Vitamin D! YIKES!

Here are the 8 brands that are currently being affected by the recall:

  • Nutrisca
  • Natural Life Pet Products
  • Sunshine Mills
  • ANF
  • Lidl
  • Kroger
  • ELM Pet Foods
  • Ahold Delhaize

However, the FDA is cautioning everyone that this situation is evolving and that the list could continue to grow. The best move is to keep your eye on the FDA's Twitter page for real time updates.

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