I got busted on air the other morning for 'stealing' a pen from The White Mountain Hotel And Resort.  But, is it really stealing, or free advertising?!

White Mountain Hotel And Resort
The pen that started it all!

I took the pen from the hotel a few months ago and have been using it ever since.  I don't know why I take pens from hotels, but always have and probably always will!   Is it really stealing though, or does the hotel expect you to take the pens for free advertising?  Either way, The White Mountain Hotel and Resort is getting some free advertising this morning, as are many other businesses on our Facebook page!

Flower Pens
Flower Power - Who invented These?

And while we're on the subject on pens, when did these Flower Pens become a thing? They're everywhere!  Who invented them?  Where do you buy them?  I need to know!

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