It takes a very well adjusted human to say "Hey, I have everything I need. Let me see what I can do to help other people who might not be as fortunate". This always impresses me, no matter who is committing the selfless act. But when it's coming from a child, it hits on a whole different level.

We could all learn a thing or two from 12-year-old Josh Sowden from Worcester, Massachusetts. I feel a sense of pride telling you about this kid (not that I can take any credit in raising him!) because my hometown of Leominster, Massachusetts, is a mere 20 minutes down the road, so this story hits close to home (literally).

But back to Josh!

Four years ago, Josh visited a homeless shelter with his aunt. It was there that he realized that not every kid gets an Easter basket on Easter. This did not sit well with Josh. Every kid deserves a basket full of Peeps, crayons, toys, Cadbury Creme eggs, or whatever else they are into. He decided to do something about it and that first year, with the help of his family, Josh donated 34 Easter baskets.

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Ready for the crazy part? Josh and his family faced homelessness themselves shortly after the project kicked off. Even though they were now the ones in need they stayed committed to giving back to their community. They lived in a hotel for a little while, and though it was difficult, it only made them more determined to help others.

So Josh kicked the goal up a notch! He hopes to donate 200 Easter baskets to children in need this year.

To accomplish this goal, Josh and his family launched the "Josh's Easter baskets for the homeless" Facebook page to gather support and donations. All of the funds raised will go towards purchasing baskets, pails, and Easter goodies like chalk, crayons, and eggs. And they aren't cutting any corners! Each basket will be tailored to the age of the child receiving it. Feel free to click the link above if you feel compelled to help Josh reach his goal.

Josh, if you are reading this, I am so incredibly proud of you. I am so excited to see how you will continue to make the world a better place as you grow up. Keep up the great work!

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