This dive bar is so very Garth! He's ditching his big stadium tours and trading them in for your local watering hole. How awesome would it be if Garth plopped himself down on the bar stool next to you and said: "Hey, can I buy you a beer?" I'd say "Thank's Garth! That's so nice of you! I'll take a Corona with lime. I got the next round!" The theme of the tour is to celebrate his new single called "Dive Bar" that is a duet with Blake Shelton.

The tour will stop in seven cities and kicks off on July 15th in Chicago at a dive bar called "Joe's Bar". The first performance will be broadcasted on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and details of his 6 other stops will be revealed then. Wouldn't it be fan-freaking-tastic if he made a stop in New England?

My vote is the Crows Nest in Plaistow, New Hampshire! They have it all, pizza, pool tables, drink specials, Garth would LOVE it! Which New England bar do you think Garth should add to his dive bar tour?

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