This could be the biggest country concert news we've heard so far this year! Garth Brooks is going on tour in 2019.

According to Taste of Country, Garth held a press conference this morning at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, and laid out plans for a year-long stadium tour. Things will kick off in St. Louis, MO next spring.

2018 CMA Music Festival - Day 3
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Five shows will go on sale before this Christmas. While Garth wouldn't say exactly which other stadiums he intends to play...he did strongly imply that Gillette Stadium will be one of them.

I guess he must have seen how Kenny Chesney sells that place out each year.

Taste of Country says the stadium shows are still in the planning stages. But it sounds like Garth has some ideas kicking around under that big cowboy hat. He says he's thinking of asking fans to paint their faces in their team's color, to a halftime that features sports and inclusion of the "G-Men" at shows. You might remember those are the guys who played on some of his albums years ago.

No matter what he decides...I'm sure it's going to be the concert tour of the year.

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