First California, now New York, is outlawing gas and charcoal grills? No gas stoves in your home? What's next, they're going to make us buckle up in New Hampshire?!

Let's talk about it.

A story not too far away from New England (I'm referring to New York), is gaining a ton of attention. The story rumors of the story is half-true and half-blown way out of proportion. And it is making a variety of New Englanders nervous.

So let's dissect what is true, what is false, and what is happening in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

California, one of the most progressive states in the US, is banning the sale of single-use propane tanks come 2028, according to a Cheap Living article.

This is confirmed. However, it is only referring to the SINGLE-USE propane tanks. The ones you take camping, not the ones in your home or under your grill. And to clarify, you can still use them in California. You just won't be able to purchase them there.

The purpose of the ban in California is environmentally focused. However, a new law in New York is taking it from the woods into the home.

New York has recently passed a law that is banning gas stoves from people's residencies. Again, there is a lot of false narrative around this one. People in New York are asking themselves, "Do I need to get rid of my new gas stove I JUST bought last year?"

No. The New York law will ban the installation of gas stoves in new buildings that are seven stories or less starting in 2026, according to a City Limits article. Come 2028, all gas stoves in larger buildings will also be outlawed.

So those currently in New York with gas stoves have nothing to worry about at this moment. The law will only ban NEW builds and NEW work being done, a.k.a if you have a gas stove already, you do not need to remove it.

So what about New England?

As of now, there is NOTHING for New Englanders to worry about. I cannot find anything to support either law in California or New York. That being said, is it coming?

Maybe. New laws have a way of spreading like wildfire. And with a progressive state like Massachusetts neighboring us, I would not be surprised if they picked up a similar ban to New York.

Even if it does head this way, you should not fear. If you have a gas stove in your home, you are grandfathered in. And to clarify, there is NOTHING regarding your backyard gas and charcoal grills.

So, New Englanders, have no fear, but watch the headlines. I predict Massachusetts will pick this up by 2028 and copy New York's law by 2032.

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