Heading into the Holidays, they're the lowest of the year.

Credit Think Stock

Due to supply and demand, gas prices typically trend downward during the winter months. It's a welcomed relief from this summer, where the price for regular unleaded flirted with the three dollar-a-gallon mark. The last few weeks have seen prices racing to the $2 mark, which isn't out of the question in the coming weeks. In fact, according to Transport Topics, gasoline prices below $2 a gallon can now be found in at least one gas station in 20 U.S. states. Texas currently holds the title for lowest reported price, with $1.69, reportedly found at a Buc-ee’s station in Denton.

The national average has fallen for seven straight weeks to $2.53 a gallon. The Granite State is currently better than average, with Presby Energy of Bethlehem, and Irving of Littleton reporting $2.15 a gallon, according to tracking site gasbuddy.com.

Prices are expected to continue to drop as winter officially creeps in.