Live in the Portsmouth or Newington area? Don't expect to sleep in Sunday.

After a long week of work, and maybe a later night on Saturday, many like to ease into a Sunday morning. If you're on or around Pease, Sunday may not be a morning where you'll easily sleep in. According to a press release from the Air National Guard, residents in the areas surrounding the base may hear the notification system, followed by multiple sirens starting as early as 7am tomorrow morning. The sirens are expected to potentially ring until noon. The press release stated this is part of a training exercise.

The use of the base notification system allows for clear, effective communication to base personnel during real world emergencies and situation, per ther press release.

While the range of time is scheduled for 5 hours, that doesn't mean sirens will be blaring for five straight hours, which would be extremely unfortunate for residents. They are scheduled to last only a short period of time.



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