The Annual Portsmouth Halloween parade just keeps getting better and better every year.  Nothing showcases the town's individualism and raw spirit quite like the Portsmouth Halloween Parade.

There are no corporate sponsors, and this is not a city organized event. It’s all put on by volunteer organizers on a grassroots level that amazes its spectators like no other in America.

Seacoastonline states that the upcoming parade will begin this Thursday night at 7 pm.

Each year a group of zombies is featured performing Michael Jackson’s famous “Thriller” dance, according to the article, and the waitlist to join the group is long and the participants spend months rehearsing and preparing their costumes.

According to Seacostonline, the parade is now in its 25th year, and 2015 grand marshal and organizer Monte Bohanan said that “Being a port town, we’ve always been a little gritty, and lived on the edge, literally and figuratively.  I think it hearkens back to some of that, that we can walk, stumble, crawl and slither through the streets, and howl and hoot and have a good time, and unleash in that way.”

The 2014 grand marshal, Trevor Bartlett, is working on a documentary about the parade and expects to wrap up filming in November, the article stated.

The feature film is scheduled to premiere next October.  This is a can’t miss event.  Be there… if you dare.

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