I'll admit it. I've done it.

Maybe you stayed up a little too late the night before, maybe had a teeny tiny hangover  or let's face it, maybe just needed to take a "mental" break.  So, you call in "sick" to work.

I once called in because my sister's horse died. True story!  Side note: My boss at the time was NOT sympathetic when he found out!

If you've done the same, well, you're not alone!

According to a study of about 2000 workers done by  Zippia.com, Granite Staters rank #2 in the country for calling in "sick" with 69% of us doing it,  giving us the #2 spot!

So, who's got the number one spot?  Connecticut takes the honors.

Maine is giving us a bad name, they seem to never call out.  They ranked 46th with only 33% admitting to it. C'mon!

Some other interesting tidbits from the Zippia survey:

  • 52% of workers across the country report that they were faking when they called in sick
  • Monday is the most common day to call in.
  • 1-in-3 People have called in sick following a holiday..

The survey asked workers why they really called in sick to work if they were faking it.  They got some great answers including a stolen car, a breakup, and my personal favorite "being attacked by bedbugs!

So, if you're planning on "playing hooky" from work, you're in good company here in New Hampshire!


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