Boston’s Seaport District has never seen dance moves like this before!

Rob Gronkowski and his girlfriend were cutting a rug, shaking off some superstar dance moves, according to Boston's 7News. Gronk might be an even better dancer than he was a tight end for the New England Patriots!

All in good fun, Gronkowski pulled out his dance moves at the free Gronk Fitness event in Boston’s Seaport District while his former teammates were getting ready for game day against the Miami Dolphins. Boston 7News reporting on the story and the videos of the Gronk dancing with his girlfriend are all over the internet.  I love it!

This guy is living his best life and wants to help others do the same.  I gotta ask, who dances better, the Backstreet Boys or the Gronk?  My vote is for the Gronk.

Who knows?  He could start his own boy band! Better yet he should do Dancing With The Stars.

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