There are a few hazzard with dragging in a 'real tree' this season.

This holiday season, many across the state will either head to a tree farm, chop one in the woods, or find another way to add a real tree complimenting the holidays. Unlike those which come from a box, there are a few extra risks associated. One of the most wide reaching are bugs.

Possibly 25,000 bugs!

According to WMTW, tree bugs go dormant during cold months, and you might not notice them at first. Put them inside a warm home, and it's time to party! How do you fix this? Shake your tree!  The good news is that many tree forms/stands are equipped with mechanical tree shakers to take care of creepers. Also, shaking it yourself helps a lot. Depending how the search has gone, it also might be a healthy way to take out some frustration.

After you've brought the tree home, be sure to leave it in the garage for a full 24 hours, and inspect it with a flashlight before setting it up. Be on the lookout for nests, and egg masses. (yay Christmas stuff!) For maintenance, make sure you vacuum on a regular basis.

Here is a list of major players in the Christmas bug dept. 

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