Whoa, what crazy famous television famous celebrity chef is about to start delivering food in New Hampshire?  Guy Fieri!

And just like the crazy chef, it’s called ‘Flavortown’ and has an address listed at 275 Rockingham Park Boulevard in Salem, New Hampshire, according to WMUR.com.

So, what’s the deal? Is Guy Fieri putting down some roots in New England?

Well, not exactly. He is offering food delivery from his Flavortown website using existing brick-and-mortar restaurants.

The concept is called a “ghost kitchen,” according to reporting by WMUR.com.

Flavortown is a delivery-only chain.

I doubt you can see Guy Fieri tooling around New England anytime soon, but maybe if he is in the market for a house, he can buy John Travolta’s place in Maine that was just listed for sale at 5 million. Only someone crazy as Guy Fieri would launch a new restaurant concept during a pandemic, but the idea sounds good.

Check out the Flavortown website at guysflourtownkitchen.com

You can get some Buffalo Wings or a Bacon Mac N’ Cheeseburger or a Crazy Cuban Sandwich and even a slice of Chocolate Whiskey Cake.  Perhaps you are just looking for some interesting side dishes, you can try the Fried Pickles and Ranch or the Flavortown fries.

This ghost kitchen concept is really blowing up since the pandemic.  We are all looking for some cool take-out.  Maybe this is the future of dining.  No physical locations just delivery.

I will still enjoy supporting my local Rochester restaurants with my takeout business but maybe I will give Flavortown a chance.

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