If this guy wanted to go viral on social media over this video, mission accomplished.

But if he wanted to go viral on social media over this video while taking a swipe at Massachusetts parking jobs and thinking everyone was going to be on his side, massive fail.

marclewisiscool via Instagram
marclewisiscool via Instagram

According to his Instagram bio, Marc Lewis is a digital creator that has over 170,000 followers on his TikTok page and also is one of the hosts of the Bad Brain Podcast.

If you look at his videos, they're always tagged with things like #Joke #lol #humor #funny -- so obviously most of his videos are pretty tongue-in-cheek sarcastic (but also probably a bit honest, too.)

So, when he parked at whatever parking lot he was in and came across someone (who no doubt would be considered a Massh*le) that parked their F150 between two parking spots, he no doubt saw content gold and whipped out his phone.

Warning: NSFW Language in video below.

Here's the thing -- is he entirely wrong? Not really. But did people in the comments section agree with him about whoever parked this truck?

Other than the one person that said the driver "should park in the furthest corner and leave the good spots or the rest of us" -- not really. Because Marc pretty much got bodied in the comments section, with everyone pretty much flipping this all on him.

"It’s a big empty parking lot... Calm down Karen. Why do you care if someone wants to keep their vehicle from being dinged by morons? How do you know he hasn’t already had issues with people hitting his car? Grow the f*** up pal." - astr0ph0bic


"Lol this guy must be having a bad day to give two f***s about someone's parking and blast them on social media. lol. Btw you for got to include the car beside them, parked right next to the parking lines." - botwoodboy


"Dude bro, I’m in a new f150 that means I’m better than you so I can." - mikey_g_og


"Who cares if someone takes two spots. How is that affecting your life? I see empty spots all around it. Hating on someone who takes pride in their vehicle and doesn’t want some horse breath that says pawwwwwk instead of park dinging it with their door." - insta_pulley


"Chill out buddy there's 100 empty spaces." johnmurphy9272


"Don't you have anything better to do with your time?" - ottbfun


"I bet this is his truck and he’s making this fake video." - tonialmericoart

Looks like everyone missed the #joke #funny #comedy tags on this video. Yikes.

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